Things In Pots

Winter has a long way to go before Spring pops up little green shoots that bring much needed hope that Winter is coming to an end. But what is there to write about when all is brown and asleep?

Pots I say. Pots and window boxes are also asleep but plans must be made to fill all these containers. There is much on line to inspire beauty but there is also a second need to consider. Are these bedding plants beneficial to the polinators?

From observation and research, I’ve been making a list of annuals that attract bees, butterflies and birds. Bees are especially attracted to alyssum, ageratum and petunias. These flowers are easy to combine in pots and window boxes. Other annuals that I favor for polinators are zinnias, cosmos lantana and sunflowers.

Pots of flowers can be placed around the garden to add color and height to beds of perennials or annuals. I also add a few heliotrope plants to some of these pots for fragrance and height. The heliotrope is sometimes hard to find so I will dig them out of the large pots and repot them in smaller pots to Winter in the greenhouse.

I had to remove a large tree last year in the Secret Garden. This removal now makes the window boxes on the porch of the Summer House full sun. I haven’t exactly decided what to plant this year but the previously mentioned annuals will be included.

A versatile annual for pots and raised vegetable beds is the marigold. I plan to include more marigold plants in the garden this year. I will especially include them in the vegetable beds.

I will favor nasturtiums this year. It has been my experience that they are slow to develop, so I will start them early in the greenhouse. These flowers of course are beautiful but also helpful if planted amongst squash vines. They deter squash bugs and give that bed of climbing plants an extra bit of zip

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